Saturday, December 31, 2011

So its been a while huh...

Yep, no updates outta me. I've been around but been so busy with life. ... -sigh- Soo here's a picspam for you <3
Assignment 5 of Beech Cycle 2. Love this one :)

Assignment 6 of Beech Cycle 2. Seduction :P

Beech Cycle 2 Assign 7. Rainbow. My colors were orange and blue, obviously hehe had to drop after this due to time issues :(


Erotic assignment 4. Sex/making love scene.

Erotic assignment 5. Role playing/costumes. I chose nun. I'm happy with it! Dropped after this point due to being busy.

Flawless assignment 6. Muted colors. I like this one. I usually don't play with filters/color changes but I did this time, like the outcome.

Assignment 7 Flawless. She's a minotaur/cenataur thing. Got eliminated. :( Though not shocked haha

SNTM Cycle 3 Assign 2. Didn't do too hot. The pink dress threw it all off.

SNTM 3 Assignment 3. I particularly like this but her boobie is fading into the background. :\

SNTM Assign 4. Natural Close-up. I love this because I love her eyes.

Assignment 5 Dark Nature. Supposed to be creepy/eery night time. I could of done better but I like it. :)

And lastly but not least..I did some freebie stuff not associated with comps of my lovely model, Amara.
Was inspired by a photo I cannot find now. haha first time drawing pearls. used a combo of Bliss' pearl method and my own tweaks to help it work for me. :)

This was loosely inspired by this photo except I went lighter and less dark..I guess.

Anyhow now I'm just doing SNTM and my own freebie stuff. Um also still doing BL 3, which will be ending in about 2 assignments I think. :) I'll try to keep this updated more. hehe.