Monday, April 2, 2012

I'm sorry!! LOL

Okay, I'm really really bad at updating this. I kinda had a period of eh on simming stuff and really only did my comps, etc. So anyway. Guess since I haven't updated since December...4 months!!...this post is going to be on giant picspam. Yay!

SNTM Assignment 6. Animals. 

Assignment 7 Underwater. I loved this :P

SNTM Assignment 8. Earth element/mother nature. S'okay

SNTM Assignment 9 Ice Princess. The parts a drew blew but I liked the rest.

SNTM Assignment 10 Fire. I was eliminated this round. Boo.

Flawless Cycle 2 headshot :)

Flawless Cycle 2 Assignment 1. I did NOT like the way this turned out. :\

Flawless Cycle 2 Assignment 2. This was kind of trying to be unimpressed by chivalry. 

Flawless Cycle 2 Assignment 3. I actually quite liked this.

Flawless Cycle 2 Assignment 4 80s headshot. I liked this one as well.

Flawless Cycle 2 Assignment 5 Bald Gems. I didn't think Adaleen would do so god bald but I really like this. I got 2nd.

Flawless Cycle 2 Assignment 5 Challenge. This was the challenge. :)

Flawless Cycle 2 Assignment 6 Neon. I love the way this turned out. This round is still in progress. 

And this little beaut is a piggyback assignment. Canvas Cycle 2 (hosted by JKA) is in sign-ups stage and the first assignment is kind of a color pop high contrast photo. I wanted to give it a go..and this was my result.

Otherwise I've been spending alot more time playing sims than modeling them. I've also limited myself to 1 competition at a time so that it's less stressful and I don't overwhelm myself. So far so good just being in Flawless. :)

Saturday, December 31, 2011

So its been a while huh...

Yep, no updates outta me. I've been around but been so busy with life. ... -sigh- Soo here's a picspam for you <3
Assignment 5 of Beech Cycle 2. Love this one :)

Assignment 6 of Beech Cycle 2. Seduction :P

Beech Cycle 2 Assign 7. Rainbow. My colors were orange and blue, obviously hehe had to drop after this due to time issues :(


Erotic assignment 4. Sex/making love scene.

Erotic assignment 5. Role playing/costumes. I chose nun. I'm happy with it! Dropped after this point due to being busy.

Flawless assignment 6. Muted colors. I like this one. I usually don't play with filters/color changes but I did this time, like the outcome.

Assignment 7 Flawless. She's a minotaur/cenataur thing. Got eliminated. :( Though not shocked haha

SNTM Cycle 3 Assign 2. Didn't do too hot. The pink dress threw it all off.

SNTM 3 Assignment 3. I particularly like this but her boobie is fading into the background. :\

SNTM Assign 4. Natural Close-up. I love this because I love her eyes.

Assignment 5 Dark Nature. Supposed to be creepy/eery night time. I could of done better but I like it. :)

And lastly but not least..I did some freebie stuff not associated with comps of my lovely model, Amara.
Was inspired by a photo I cannot find now. haha first time drawing pearls. used a combo of Bliss' pearl method and my own tweaks to help it work for me. :)

This was loosely inspired by this photo except I went lighter and less dark..I guess.

Anyhow now I'm just doing SNTM and my own freebie stuff. Um also still doing BL 3, which will be ending in about 2 assignments I think. :) I'll try to keep this updated more. hehe.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Stuff N Stuff

So I've been doin my thing. Sign-ups have closed to Beginner's Luck and it's time to start judging for The Art of Editing. I just finished up the last of my modeling assignments, which I will present for your viewing pleasure.
Beech Assignment 4. A romance/pleasure party was the setting.

Erotic Assignment 3. Call girl ad.

Flawless Assignment 5 Bollywood. Drew headpiece, anklet, bracelet, and the wrap..or what not.

Sensations Next Top Model Assignment 1. Rischa is a summer and I was supposed to do something with that. What's more summer than a swimsuit and a beach?
I've been tweaking my skin shading a bit, as those of you who see my work regularly may notice. I started making my highlights more pronounced by adding darker highlights as well. I never really cared for the appearance of the darker ones but I finally found a mix and a technique that makes it look nice. So yay for improvement! :)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Wintergold's Are Dead

I am not sure but as of right now I'm thinking The Wintergold's are dead. Incase you don't know the Wintergold's are my legacy family. I was struggling with leaving them but I think it's official. I may be starting a new legacy now that I've returned to Simming. After my break I just couldn't reconnect with the story, which is resulting in the last few chapters being a bit choppy as far as writing style. I did have really good ideas for future story lines so I may have to just apply them to the new legacy. I'll keep ya'll posted.

So much crap so little time...

So I'm in Flawless, Beech Cycle 2, and Erotic (hosted only at Unbound). I just signed up for Sensations Next Top me crazy. On top of this I am judging The Art of Editing hosted by my good friend, Batty. Co-editing a magazine, Sim Synthesis, and I restarted Beginner's Luck being hosted by myself and judged by myself and B.
I have a problem picking at me and that is copiers. People who cannot get their own ideas and have to steal pieces of people's assignments or just flat out rip them off. And part...they score HIGHER than the person they blatantly stole from! I see this so often around the forums, officials and otherwise. It makes me sad. The person who was actually original suffers. Not trying to offend anyone, if that's your thing whatever. No reason to be your own person when you can be like other people. Just ranting as this is my blog and I will do as I please here, don't like it well don't read it. Yeah, not really my day today. But I haven't updated this in forever and browsing across the forums I found something to rant about. -sigh- Anyways...I guess here are some modeling pics I was proud of but some not so much anymore.
This scored First in Beech. Yay! I really thought I'd done worse.

I don't remember where this placed but it wasn't exactly my best. It was rushed. I'm gonna say somewhere between 4th & 6th.

Advertising a part of your model's body. Not scored yet.

Recognize the background? LOL This was Erotic assignment 2. I 

Annnnd Flawless. I got 4th? I don't remember. My theme was Fall/Autumn.

And I'm done with rant and all. Please nobody take this personally. I'm just bitchy today and even less pleased about placements in comps...but ah well...we can't all be first place all the time....LOL I need sleep.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sims 3 Pets: Horses

OKAY, I got this yesterday and at first took forever for me to get into the game because well I'm dumb and didn't realize as I updated mods that I had old sP and Twallan hadn't updated it hahaha. So after fixing that my game loaded easy peasy. I wanted to try out the horses (and the new town which is beautiful imo) which are freakin' amazing and I thought I'd picspam ya a bit and share just some of the really cute things and the cool things you can do with these beauties.
Tess and new baby Athena (nursing)

Tess and Athena "nuzzling"

Athena sniffing Nora's hand

Nora brushing Athena

Tess drinking from trough (BTW all that deco hay is now useable!)

Hugging :D

Riding and gaining skill (riding and racing)

Still not skilled at unmounting hahahaha

Bottle feeding hehe
Hope you enjoyed. And I highly recommend the game and this thread for more important info hehe.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Been a while.

It's been a while since I've updated my blog. So here it goes. The modeling continues. I am in Flawless by Beech and Erotic by Bliss. That's all I'm taking on for the time being. For those of you who read my legacy, I promise that I will be updating it soon. My hiatus was great but at the same time it was crazy on my regular simming activities.
Warning: This Photo Contains Nudity/Adult Themes!
This photo is for Erotic Assignment 1. We were to come up with a kinky fantasy. I had some great inspiration and viola, kinky robot fetish.

This was assignment 1 for Flawless. New model, Fern Gavin, my red headed vixen. :P
For this assignment it was a simple glamorous headshot. I recieved a diamond award and first place. :)

Assignment 2 for Flawless. Pinupesque with food. I'm fairly proud of this..