Tuesday, November 8, 2011

So much crap so little time...

So I'm in Flawless, Beech Cycle 2, and Erotic (hosted only at Unbound). I just signed up for Sensations Next Top Model...call me crazy. On top of this I am judging The Art of Editing hosted by my good friend, Batty. Co-editing a magazine, Sim Synthesis, and I restarted Beginner's Luck being hosted by myself and judged by myself and B.
I have a problem picking at me and that is copiers. People who cannot get their own ideas and have to steal pieces of people's assignments or just flat out rip them off. And then...best part...they score HIGHER than the person they blatantly stole from! I see this so often around the forums, officials and otherwise. It makes me sad. The person who was actually original suffers. Not trying to offend anyone, if that's your thing whatever. No reason to be your own person when you can be like other people. Just ranting as this is my blog and I will do as I please here, don't like it well don't read it. Yeah, not really my day today. But I haven't updated this in forever and browsing across the forums I found something to rant about. -sigh- Anyways...I guess here are some modeling pics I was proud of but some not so much anymore.
This scored First in Beech. Yay! I really thought I'd done worse.

I don't remember where this placed but it wasn't exactly my best. It was rushed. I'm gonna say somewhere between 4th & 6th.

Advertising a part of your model's body. Not scored yet.

Recognize the background? LOL This was Erotic assignment 2. I 

Annnnd Flawless. I got 4th? I don't remember. My theme was Fall/Autumn.

And I'm done with rant and all. Please nobody take this personally. I'm just bitchy today and even less pleased about placements in comps...but ah well...we can't all be first place all the time....LOL I need sleep.

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