Sunday, November 13, 2011

Stuff N Stuff

So I've been doin my thing. Sign-ups have closed to Beginner's Luck and it's time to start judging for The Art of Editing. I just finished up the last of my modeling assignments, which I will present for your viewing pleasure.
Beech Assignment 4. A romance/pleasure party was the setting.

Erotic Assignment 3. Call girl ad.

Flawless Assignment 5 Bollywood. Drew headpiece, anklet, bracelet, and the wrap..or what not.

Sensations Next Top Model Assignment 1. Rischa is a summer and I was supposed to do something with that. What's more summer than a swimsuit and a beach?
I've been tweaking my skin shading a bit, as those of you who see my work regularly may notice. I started making my highlights more pronounced by adding darker highlights as well. I never really cared for the appearance of the darker ones but I finally found a mix and a technique that makes it look nice. So yay for improvement! :)


  1. :O That second pic is gorgeous! I mean, I like everything else too, but the second pic has to be my fave xD

  2. Yes, yes, and more yes! LOL I adore it :) Thank you!