Monday, April 2, 2012

I'm sorry!! LOL

Okay, I'm really really bad at updating this. I kinda had a period of eh on simming stuff and really only did my comps, etc. So anyway. Guess since I haven't updated since December...4 months!!...this post is going to be on giant picspam. Yay!

SNTM Assignment 6. Animals. 

Assignment 7 Underwater. I loved this :P

SNTM Assignment 8. Earth element/mother nature. S'okay

SNTM Assignment 9 Ice Princess. The parts a drew blew but I liked the rest.

SNTM Assignment 10 Fire. I was eliminated this round. Boo.

Flawless Cycle 2 headshot :)

Flawless Cycle 2 Assignment 1. I did NOT like the way this turned out. :\

Flawless Cycle 2 Assignment 2. This was kind of trying to be unimpressed by chivalry. 

Flawless Cycle 2 Assignment 3. I actually quite liked this.

Flawless Cycle 2 Assignment 4 80s headshot. I liked this one as well.

Flawless Cycle 2 Assignment 5 Bald Gems. I didn't think Adaleen would do so god bald but I really like this. I got 2nd.

Flawless Cycle 2 Assignment 5 Challenge. This was the challenge. :)

Flawless Cycle 2 Assignment 6 Neon. I love the way this turned out. This round is still in progress. 

And this little beaut is a piggyback assignment. Canvas Cycle 2 (hosted by JKA) is in sign-ups stage and the first assignment is kind of a color pop high contrast photo. I wanted to give it a go..and this was my result.

Otherwise I've been spending alot more time playing sims than modeling them. I've also limited myself to 1 competition at a time so that it's less stressful and I don't overwhelm myself. So far so good just being in Flawless. :)