Monday, July 25, 2011

He broke my eggs!!!

So been up to so much lately. I've been too busy to do anything. I stopped updating my legacy because I just haven't had time. I've been crammed with modeling things and magazine stuff. Enamour's first issue will be launching in about a week. :) And of course everytime with Sensation I have to use one piece of CC that I cannot find! lol and then end up finding it last minute. I'm in the finale for OSM so I worked really hard on my entries, I'm going up against L (aka simslover740). Anyway I'm going to pic spam you all with modeling pic updates!
This was my lifeguard assignment for Beech. Got host's choice but 5th place.

Hitched Assignment 5: Temptation.

OSM Assignment 7: Playful Got 2nd and a place in the finale

Finale Exotic shot. It was inspired from a RL photoshoot I saw online.

The second half of the finale Old Hollywood. I did alittle hair drawing to give the hair a more hair-like appearance.

And lastly my most recent Pink assignment.

Still very busy with stuff. BL2 is coming to a close after almost a week long extension. Have to work on Beech, Hitched, Pink, getting a model for Glamour, Enamour articles, setting things up for Enamoured which is Enamour's official modeling comp which will begin next month. And finally making my simself into a demon for Nim's Demon comp. :)

Saturday, July 16, 2011


Okay, so I'm in the finale of OSM. Yay <3 I'm *hopefully* gonna kick some ass. I needed to get scores posted for BL2 but unfortunately I haven't had access to the forums. So poo sticks. I also made an awesomesauce piccy for Pen and Cait.
Love you girls :)
I've still got Beech to do and Hitched, plus mag assignments for both mags. So I'll be a busy bee tomorrow. I also need to start searching for my tablet which I will be getting Tuesday <3 And finally update my legacy, I lacked a bit with it out of sheer laziness.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I don't know what to do. I'm in a complete simming funk. I don't want to play for fun and I really really don't want to model. I think I've overloaded myself on the comps so now I've broken myself lol. I need a break. I just did two assignments and neither of them were good. I mean they were bad. My pink assignment was horrible...but part of that had to do with the fact that I wasn't feeling the assignment. The other part is being uninspired and undriven. I dunno what it I said I'm in a funk. I do want to do mag stuff, and have to but I just can't be bothered to open my game. I've had alot of crazy stuff going on lately so maybe that's why. Better get my butt on to some Sensation stuff...

Saturday, July 9, 2011

So not Sims

So I know this is a simming blog, but indulge me if you will. I'm going off and talking about a culinary endeavor which I will be taking tomorrow night. First anyone who knows me or talks to me regularly knows I love to cook. If you ask my husband I'm an amazing cook. If you ask me I'd say I'm pretty good especially for teaching myself. I am by no means a chef. The only training I have is myself and hours of Food Network. But thanks to inspiration from a few shows I am making a completely fresh awesome meal tomorrow night. I'll be making a turkey meatloaf with sage and sundried tomatoes. Various grilled vegetables (onions, mushrooms, zucchini, and cucumbers). And either a salad or homemade mashed potatoes. I'll also be making a vinaigrette from scratch either for the grilled veggies or salad dependent upon whether or not I make the salad. I'll let you know how it turns out and stuff :) BTW getting Nate to try a meatloaf made with something other than beef was hard work...but he likes my cooking so much he's gonna try it for me. I promised him if he doesn't like it I won't make it again. LOL

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Modeling, Legacies, and Mags Oh My!

I don't think I'm in Kansas anymore...well I wasn't to begin with but ya know lol Anyways. Took some time today to catch up with modeling assignments and update my legacy again. Now I'll be moving on to some Sensation work, probably after I get the munchkins down for their naps in about 30 minutes. Far too distracted, its a miracle I made any progress at all on my to do list today. Of course, I haven't checked the officials yet so I don't know if Hitched has been put up or not. Anyway, time for sharing!
Osm. The Assignment was "fun". I had a really sweet idea for disc golf, but lets just say there was no way I could make it work for me. :\

My Pink assignment, which is Urban Grunge w/ Pants while still looking high fashion. Now I'm very proud of this and I used alot of example shots to get the look I wanted out of it.
And this is my Beech assignment, Old Fashioned Swimwear with a flirty look. I totally think Amara looks flirty, and alittle old fashioned poster girl to boot. :)

Also Enamour is still looking to fill two positions. A Child fashion specialist and builder. Okay, so after that word from our sponsors lol I'm off to kill time until little ones go down.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I'm baaaaack!

Yep, I'm back. Internet is back on so yay yay yay! Plus side to having it off, without being able to do modeling assignments I finally got to work on my legacy. I'm a good chunk of chapters ahead so for those of you who read it, yay! lol Had a good 4th of July weekend, however my two ornery little ones are giving me a headache. Screaming and doing everything bad they possibly can. I thought twos were supposed to be terrible. Let me tell you, its really threes. Waitin on some dinner right now and will finally get to work on some modeling stuff. Got eliminated from Hot or Not which I'm bummed about because that was my favorite, but probably for the best. I need as little of a load as possible right now. Anyway, I'll stop boring you and come back when I have something to talk about. BTW, like the new look? I got bored and made a new banner and stuff while I was away. :)