Monday, July 25, 2011

He broke my eggs!!!

So been up to so much lately. I've been too busy to do anything. I stopped updating my legacy because I just haven't had time. I've been crammed with modeling things and magazine stuff. Enamour's first issue will be launching in about a week. :) And of course everytime with Sensation I have to use one piece of CC that I cannot find! lol and then end up finding it last minute. I'm in the finale for OSM so I worked really hard on my entries, I'm going up against L (aka simslover740). Anyway I'm going to pic spam you all with modeling pic updates!
This was my lifeguard assignment for Beech. Got host's choice but 5th place.

Hitched Assignment 5: Temptation.

OSM Assignment 7: Playful Got 2nd and a place in the finale

Finale Exotic shot. It was inspired from a RL photoshoot I saw online.

The second half of the finale Old Hollywood. I did alittle hair drawing to give the hair a more hair-like appearance.

And lastly my most recent Pink assignment.

Still very busy with stuff. BL2 is coming to a close after almost a week long extension. Have to work on Beech, Hitched, Pink, getting a model for Glamour, Enamour articles, setting things up for Enamoured which is Enamour's official modeling comp which will begin next month. And finally making my simself into a demon for Nim's Demon comp. :)


  1. Great pics, Ash!

    Congrats (yet again LOL) on your OSM win! :)