Monday, August 1, 2011

Aw Snap!

Haha Random titles rock. So anywhoo I won OSM by 30 points! I whooped that clown! hahaha. Of course, look who I was up against...about anyone else I wouldn't be so in your face, but you all know how I feel about that one. Um I guess this is the part where I update my awesome people on modeling stuff. So here's some pictures and stuff.
Beech Modeling: Beach Dream
I got 3rd, tied with Blissy 
(BTW it's hard to want to spell Beach like that haha)

Glamour Modeling Assignment 1
Not placed yet.

Hitched Assignment 6

And finally Pink Assignment 7
Got 2nd. I really liked this one :)
So I find it incredibly sad how one group of rotten apples can spoil the whole bunch. So many people want to leave the simming community because of the drama. It's everywhere like the damn plaque. It's fun when people can be civil and nice to each other. I'm just tired of it and while I realize this greatly contradicts recent posts I wasn't one for it to begin with. I just got caught up because I actually stood up for my friend because I love her and she is a great person who was hurt by someone she thought was her friend. And then there are those people who get involved when it has nothing to do with them and all they do is escalate the problem. I'm done with it. If those people want to keep the drama going they can do it in their own circle amongst themselves. I'm a mother of two have more important things to do than care about what someone on the internet thinks about me. To be honest, I am a bitch and I get bitchy. I'm tired of everyone being butthurt about everything. Move on, its done. Then end.
End rant lol. Um so what to do now, since I like writing out my to-dos. Demons is in sign-ups for a few more days, if you haven't signed up you totally should! It's hosted by Nims (Simanims) and its going to be awesome! Waiting for Hitched scores. Beech is due the 7th, Pink the 8th. Have mag stuff to do for both mags yet. Gotta wrap up BL2, which is taking a hell of a lot longer than I wanted it to, I just want it over, while I've enjoyed it I'm ready for it to be done like 2 days ago. I really just want to phase out the officials, there's nothing of interest over there. After that and hitched I can basically be done with it. I also intend to take a break from modeling when my comps come to a close, I'm trying to avoid dropping. I just want to enjoy simming and right now modeling is taking that away. I haven't played my game for fun in so damn long cause something is always due. Sorry this is such a long blog, congrats if you made it to this point lol

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