Wednesday, August 3, 2011


So I probably should mention that I will not be super active in the simming community. Beginner's Luck FINALLY came to an end. It went on much longer than I anticpated. Cause well it was supposed to end like 2 weeks ago. I had to drop one modeling comp and will probably have to drop more still, we will see. I've got good stuff going on in my real life that is keeping me distracted. Plus, when Pets comes out I plan to only play for fun for a while. I will still keep up with mod responsibilities, so I will sign on as often as possible, clear chats, browse the boards etc. I also plan on sticking with my magazine stuff, and even judging but as for modeling in competitions I just don't think I have to free time to dedicate what they deserve. We'll see I guess. Also:
Runner up - ixSydney :)

Winner - BOrdelinski
Honorable Mentions for: OCeanSapphire & Treekikat10
Congratulations to all of you, it was great to watch you all progress throughout the competition. :)

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