Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Modeling, Legacies, and Mags Oh My!

I don't think I'm in Kansas anymore...well I wasn't to begin with but ya know lol Anyways. Took some time today to catch up with modeling assignments and update my legacy again. Now I'll be moving on to some Sensation work, probably after I get the munchkins down for their naps in about 30 minutes. Far too distracted, its a miracle I made any progress at all on my to do list today. Of course, I haven't checked the officials yet so I don't know if Hitched has been put up or not. Anyway, time for sharing!
Osm. The Assignment was "fun". I had a really sweet idea for disc golf, but lets just say there was no way I could make it work for me. :\

My Pink assignment, which is Urban Grunge w/ Pants while still looking high fashion. Now I'm very proud of this and I used alot of example shots to get the look I wanted out of it.
And this is my Beech assignment, Old Fashioned Swimwear with a flirty look. I totally think Amara looks flirty, and alittle old fashioned poster girl to boot. :)

Also Enamour is still looking to fill two positions. A Child fashion specialist and builder. Okay, so after that word from our sponsors lol I'm off to kill time until little ones go down.


  1. Thanks, girl. Just so you know, your photo rock! I especially love your Pink assignment.

  2. Thanks. I love my pink one too :)