Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sims 3 Pets: Horses

OKAY, I got this yesterday and at first took forever for me to get into the game because well I'm dumb and didn't realize as I updated mods that I had old sP and Twallan hadn't updated it hahaha. So after fixing that my game loaded easy peasy. I wanted to try out the horses (and the new town which is beautiful imo) which are freakin' amazing and I thought I'd picspam ya a bit and share just some of the really cute things and the cool things you can do with these beauties.
Tess and new baby Athena (nursing)

Tess and Athena "nuzzling"

Athena sniffing Nora's hand

Nora brushing Athena

Tess drinking from trough (BTW all that deco hay is now useable!)

Hugging :D

Riding and gaining skill (riding and racing)

Still not skilled at unmounting hahahaha

Bottle feeding hehe
Hope you enjoyed. And I highly recommend the game and this thread for more important info hehe.

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