Saturday, June 18, 2011

Boring Stuff, Promise.

So boring update really. Just updating to do so. First, our Pen is away this weekend v.v making us sad. We miss you, Pen! <3
Next, I do realize that the statement "pen is" looks like penis..but resist the urge to mention this. lol Anyways some modeling photos for you guys...

This is for Beech. Amara modeling a polka-dot bikini on the beach.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. Jenelle portraying a ticket scalper.

Hitched entry. Raif and Moira realizing they are in love <3

And last, Hot or Not. Codi full body with a lighting effect added. I used softglow.

Anyways, I'm thinking when I'm done with the comps this time around I may take a break from that stuff. Actually play the game...I honestly just don't play it anymore...and sometimes I just feel the fun has been taken out of it..but I do enjoy modeling ^-^ I'll still do magazine stuffs too.
Speaking of magazine stuff, Enamour is really getting off the ground. We've filled a about 8+ positions. ^.^