Friday, June 3, 2011

Whew..big weight gone!

So I totally feel better. Whatever was going on fixed itself and I was able to complete modeling assignments.

That fun little number is for Beech's One Shot Modeling. I'm using my LBB model Brenn. The assignment was Psychadelic- like wild colors and stuff.

I LOVE this one! This is for Beech's Hot or Not Assignment 6 Black & White. It's simple but I'm extremely proud of it. I use my model Codi who was created for Hot or Not Cycle 1 :)

And this would be my Flux Modeling Entry (hosted by Beth). And model is Jenelle who was created for Kween's couple competition. Theme is grunge..but I am totally NOT good with that.
This was my alternative shot for Flux...but decided due to some boot issues to go with the one I did.

Now that those modeling assignments are done and I've done my scores for Queen Bee, I've got to do scores for AAM & Kween's Boutique, I've got to do the finale for TS3 Bridal Plasty Season 1. Revamp the house to do the intro for Season 2. Waiting on scores of Beech's Swimsuit Comp, and have to make a model for Bliss' Pink. *sigh* so much to do it seems, but at least alot of the work work is done. Think I'm gonna relax back and do my Pink model...and try to not get so distracted with chatting with you awesome ladies & gents at Unbound. hehe


  1. Those all look great, Ash! :) I have to stay away from Unbound sometimes, because I get distracted, as well! :)

  2. I'm going to third the chat-distration! And I really like your model on top of the dumpster. It was original but for the boot, lol.