Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Woot Woot!

So I got Generations last night. I installed it and the new patch about an hour ago and it only took like 10 minutes so I'm hopeful that that will be a good sign for the game! I'll be headed off to play it after this actually! Went on a date with Hubs last night and he surprised me with the game, best darn surprise I could ask for besides like a million bucks! LOL I'm wrapping up TS3 Bridal Plasty Season 1 tonight, and will be beginning Season 2 shortly after a home remodel. I did horribly with my last Beech modeling assignment, I'm hoping this next time around is a LOT better.
With Model Amara Langston (in background Rischa & Brenn)
Finally got up the new assignment for BL2...debating on a third cycle...right now I'm not leaning towards the idea. I cancelled Passport because it was generating alot of interest and I'm struggling to find time for it anyhow. Now my to do list includes Hitched assignment, Flux assignment, Legacy update, finish up BP season 1, start Season 2, and make a decision about Beginner's Luck.

Also waiting for Twallan's site to be available so I can update my mods.

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