Friday, June 10, 2011

So um yeah..

Our apartment flooded last night and my hubby told the manager if there was an open upstairs apartment we wanted to move. So now we'll be moving to another building on the 2nd floor. Which is okay...I guess...I mean we're stuck here until November anyways..may as well not be flooded when we get one bad rain, right? Well he told the manager we will move in Sunday. So I'm alittle annoyed by this for a few reasons. One being he works all day Saturday so what he expects me to get everything packed up? And two we have no packing stuff or anything. Plus that leaves us very little time to get things arranged. Well I guess he thinks we will just make ten thousand trips with small armloads of things. Men. Pft.

On Sims notes..loving Generations! I love that it pretty much just made what was already there alittle more fun. But with what happened last night I am even less driven to do assignments. Contemplating the Flux situation and may just drop that even though I *hate* dropping. I'm freed up alittle more as far as judging. She's Got the Look ended. BL2 has 3 more assignments and then that will be at an end. I've got Hot or Not to do, One Shot, Hitched, Flux if I decide for it, aaaaaaaaand scoring for AAM.

Also as those of you who chat on Unbound regularly know, Flux Living has ended, therefore I am magazineless for now. Which makes me sad because I loved working on the magazine. I'm just kinda mad that all the work I put into the articles for last issue just vanished into thin air when Beth cancelled the magazine. I mean, most of you work on Magazines. Its not easy. It takes time and effort.

Anyway, thanks for sitting through my spcheil there.