Saturday, June 4, 2011

Lazy Day

Yeah, so after staying up til 3am last night on Unbound, hehe, I am tired today. At least I got to sleep until 8:30 rather than 7:30. ^.^

Anyways I've spent the last couple hours working on my entry for Pink and I am so super proud of it! I created a new model just for the comp, which is run by Bliss, as you guys know.
So I present Rischa Laruence, my cute little barbie doll model since she's blonde and adores pink hehe.

This was my overall product (you can click to make it bigger).

Click to Enlarge. <3

I'm a huge fan of color-popping..but I don't do it too often cause once in a while is enough.

Overall I like this one but I think it's my least fav of the 4.

This is my favorite. :) One of the best headshots I've done yet. Make it bigger, looks better!

Anyways, the last one showcases Rischa wonderfully. She's a cutie, she loves pink, and she's a fan of leopard print..if you couldn't tell. hehe. I think she is quickly becoming my new favorite model. What I did to each picture was smoothed the skin (an obsession now! lol), In the first one I fixed a huge kink in the dress (can't even tell huh? hehe) caused by the pose, so its normal now. In the second one I just did the color pop effect, third I drew on make up and added lashes. And the last one I added lashes, drew on make up, added the feathers (which is my favorite part).

Now that I'm done with that I'm going to be lazy for the day because well I can..and I'll probably have another late night with the Unbound ladies. hehe 

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