Wednesday, June 15, 2011

So. much. to. do...

So I've counted it out finally. I went from 7 comps to 6 after dropping Flux...I'm judging 2 now, hosting 1, and I've joined Sensation as a Fashion Guru so yay! I'm also co-editor of upcoming magazine: Enamour Magazine with Miss Cait (aka Ninjakay). So I'm busy busy busy. Right now as far as assignments go I've got Hitched and Beech to do but I've got some time so I'm going to take it. Scores should be done soon for Hot or Not and OSM so then I'll have more assignments. Scoring for AAM will be upon me soon as well. But why  worry about what has yet to come? LOL.
My Pink Assignment. Overall proud of it :D
My Hitched assignment. Got 5th, which given who I am competing with not so bad...but I can do better. :)
A random photo I took of Codi. Love it. Hehe Pose is TumTum's new girly poses, which BTW I LOVE!
Also, I finally updated my legacy today so yay for that!

Anyways as far as personal updates go, Nate and I are thinking of taking the boys to the OMaha zoo next weekend, hopefully hubby's fire check turns out to be a nice one..which is should since he worked Lazerfest which was like 15 hours. Otherwise nothing too special going on.

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  1. And you forgot to add being a mom, chef, maid, etc to your busy list!! LOL! I hope y'all can go to the zoo. We love going. (Love the new poses too)