Thursday, June 2, 2011

UGH. EA...

So if it isn't enough to not have the drive to get into the game. I'm experiencing some crashing issues. Dunno why. I didn't update the latest patch because:
a) it hasn't prompted me to &
b) I don't have Generations yet

This isn't fun. On top of that I went to get into CAW today and do you think that could possibly work? Not on EA's watch..Because of the update it isn't working either. Of course still don't know why it's happening to me..Oh well. I've got an extension on Flux which is great cause I'll need it now.

Then I've got to do Hot or Not & One Shot, scoring for AAM, pimping my comp, scoring for Queen Bee. Working on my Bridal Plasty blog, and getting an update on my legacy. I dunno why I feel like I need to overload myself. Cause I'm at a point at the moment (with all other stresses not helping anything in the least) where I feel completely I just want to *poof* somewhere else. Can I scream? I think I will.


Thanks. I needed it. hehe. Maybe I'll go play some Guild Wars and shake off some of the simmy stress. This little rant helped some. :)

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